Victory Lap 2017 & Crucial Conversations Introduction


Learn how a group of School Board Members managed to advance 16 out of 17 of their initiatives through the Florida House and Senate. 

Discover the policy contained in the bills supported by FCSBM and the unique approach that made FCSBM such a dominant force. 

Ask questions about legislation and what it means for districts in "real world" implementation- go beyond the FADSS and FSBA scare tactics. 

Learn how the urge to veto 7069, and possible legal action, by other education groups has further crippled their efficacy in Tallahassee and the only way they can overcome this hurdle. 

BONUS: Get an introduction into Crucial Conversations- communicating for results- 

July 20, 2017 at 3pm - 5pm
Shawn Frost · · (850) 391-0421

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