Transgender Policy Round Table

UPDATED WEBINAR: replay of the May 20th, 2016 (12:00 EDT) Student Safety and Privacy Policy  Responses to May 13th DOE / DOJ Directive Regarding Facility Use Webinar 


our first ever Member Round Table Discussion. Where we share concerns, issues we are facing, and responses by our districts. 

When: Noon Eastern May 12th. 

Where: Goto Webinar- Archive here

This month's Topics: Transgender Policies 

Who: Bridget Ziegler (Sarasota) and Nancy Stacy (Marion) presented current and pending challenges and case law and co-facilitated a discussion. 



Governmental Agency Actions or opinions (chronological order)

Marion County Resolution: Explains that Title IX addresses discrimination based on "sex" but not gender identity 

DOE / DOJ "guidance" on Title IX  May 13th

Duval Draft Policy Student Safety and Privacy Policy  (introduced by Jason Fisher) May 19th


Legal cases or opinions:

 Arcadia Agreement

 Arcadia Letter OCR

 Broward Guidelines

 Downey Unified District Agreement

 Downey Unified School District Letter (OCR)

 GG v.  Goucester County School 

Illinois Agreement

Johnson v. University of Pittsburgh  


 Medical and scholarly articles on the topic:

American College of Pediatricians "Gender Ideology Harms Children"

 Gender Identity Disorder (GID)- DSM-IV - The DSM-IV estimates that 1 in 30 000 (0.003%) natal males and 1 in 100 000 natal females have GID (0.001%)* 

*  "estimates of GID in the general US population (4.3/100 000 persons). The rate of suicide-related events among GID-diagnosed VHA veterans was more than 20 times higher than were rates for the general VHA population" 

Gender Identity Disorder (Dysphoria) - DSM-V    Became Sole Diagnostic Criteria Oct 1, 2015

Co-morbidity of psychological disorders- 

Prevalence of Gender Identity Disorder and Suicide Risk Among Transgender Veterans Utilizing Veterans Health Administration Care, (2013) Am J Public Health v.103(10); Oct 2013 PMC3780758

Take away- As policy makers, we must consider these issues and have conversations about our local policies and practices before local control is lost. (May DOE / DOJ announcement was next day after this) 


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