Testing Flexibility clears first Committee

Many are following the SB1360 testing flexibility (aka Sunshine Solution) which has been a multi-county collaborative effort with Seminole County leading the way. President Gaetz and the Ed. Appropriations staff have done spectacular work crafting a Bill that makes the flexibility:

  • Optional (district decides)
  • Cost / Budget Neutral
  • High Quality
  • Paper option
  • Market Driven (Colleges and Industry demand driving the tests)
  • Career and Technical Friendly


Video of our August 17 meeting can be found here: https://youtu.be/2c3YbmTLS6E 

An article mentioning FCSBM (and our stance on this bill) is available here.

It's nice of FSBA to recognize the good work we began months ago, but a bit embarrassing that they would step in front of this parade when our members (especially in Seminole and Collier County) have done so much work. 

More at theSunshineSolution.com