School Safety for School Board Members Webinar

Join us for a roundtable discussion of school safety measures being proposed by the Governor and Legislature: 
Leading the conversation will be FCSBM President, Bridget Ziegler who serves on Governor Scott's recently created school safety committee. 
Bridget will share the feedback offered by the other members of committee and her meetings with staff this week in Tallahassee. 
Shawn Frost will also present the content of his meetings with leaders in the legislature. We expect to see late-breaking proposals Friday and will offer the latest news available to School Board Members around the state. 
Following these brief presentations, members will discuss (from a high level) the responses our districts are taking and share best practices for how we can respond in the future. 

This round table will be open to any sitting school board member in the state, without regard to FCSBM membership status

Watch replay online (available 2-24-18) by following this link:
Webinar ID: 905-967-003

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Summary: This is the Governor's Proposed Plan


House and Senate Proposal:

Staff Analysis of SB7026 Here 

Follow the school safety bill: 

February 24, 2020 at 6pm - 9pm
Replay online