Rebecca Negron


Rebecca Negron has served on the Martin County School Board since 2012.  Rebecca is the mother of three children, each of whom attended Martin County public schools and graduated from the IB Program at South Fork High School.


Rebecca has an Associate’s degree from Palm Beach State College and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Indiana Wesleyan University.


Rebecca is a Registered Nurse, who practiced in the field of obstetrics. She has spent many hours volunteering in classrooms and is concerned not only that our students have a rigorous academic experience, but that they are taught the values that are important to a thriving and free society.


As a Martin County School Board Member, Rebecca has focused on three major issues:  1) Empowering and encouraging parents to be involved in their children’s education; 2) Focusing on traditional academics; and, 3) Developing, keeping and rewarding high performing teachers.