October 2017



October 2017 FCSBM Chronicle


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  • Bridget Ziegler Elected FCSBM New President
  • 2018 FCSBM Legislative Platform Development
  • School Board Member Survey- Fiscal Policies
  • Save the Dates 

Constitution Revision Commission Roundtable 10-25

Introduction to Crucial Conversations© Webinar 11-1

Legislative Virtual Town Hall

REGULAR Professional Development and Round Table Meetings Established

Free Ethics Training - Reminder



Bridget Ziegler Elected President of The Florida Coalition of School Board Members


 Bridget_Z_Headshot.jpgTallahassee - Sarasota County School Board member Bridget Ziegler has been elected President of the Florida Coalition of School Board Member (FCSBM), a statewide organization of school board members focused on the interests of students, parents, and taxpayers by advancing common sense student-first policies and school finance reform to eliminate wasteful spending and misuse of taxpayer dollars.

“I’m honored to serve as President of this incredible organization. Year after year, The Florida Coalition of School Board Members has increased its influence by welcoming additional members from each corner of the state and serving as a vital organization in the process of drafting, passing, and implementing student-first education policies in Florida,” said Ziegler. “I look forward to working alongside each FCSBM member, federal, state & local elected officials, fellow ed reformers, parents and students to ensure that every child in Florida, regardless of their household income or zip code, has access to the high quality education options, while also being good stewards of every tax dollar spent. The FCSBM has quickly become an influential champion in that fight and I look forward to building upon the organization’s record of success.”

In addition to her private sector and elected experience, Bridget is a founding member of the FCSBM and previously served as both Vice Chairman and Secretary.

“Bridget Ziegler understands our history and has a clear vision for where we are headed. FCSBM is in good hands.” outgoing President, Shawn Frost

She may be reached by phone at: 813-215-1128 or by email at: Bridget@BridgetZiegler.com




2018 FCSBM Legislative Platform Development

Each year, FCSBM’s legislative platform is thoughtfully drafted in an effort to champion education policies which are central to our core values.  This summer, during our Annual Leadership Summit, a draft proposal was developed in anticipation of, then President, Shawn Frost’s presentation Florida’s State Board of Education on July 16th.  The priorities outlined represent the consistent and clear vision FCSBM has for the 2018 legislative session.



FCSBM’s Legislative Task Force (LTF) is meeting Monday Oct 9th, to finalize the 2018 legislative priorities, as well as outline the preliminary agenda for the second week of committee meetings.    The LTF planning schedule will include identified weeks where members will visit with our partners in the legislature. Solution-oriented partnerships are a critical component in our ability to be effective for all of the stakeholders whom our members represent. Stay tuned for a special email blast with our 2018 Legislative Platform.


This past summer, FCSBM hosted two separate dinner events for our members to meet and discuss education policy, in an intimate setting, with Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran and Florida Senate President, Joe Negron.  We want to thank the Senate President and Speaker of the House for their leadership and affording our members with this unique and valuable opportunity.


Thank you, Florida Senate President, Joe Negron


Thank you, Florida House of Representatives Speaker, Richard Corcoran


 School Board Member Survey:

Our Fiscal Accountability Task Force needs your help! Please answer three quick questions at the following link: http://www.fcsbm.org/fiscal_practices_survey_2016

  1. Does your district use Zero Based Budgeting?
  2. Do you, as Board Members, receive regular (at least quarterly) updates to your budget variance (how much each line item has been depleted)?
  3. Does your district employ cost-based accounting[ED1] + and does the board use this in decision making?

+ Cost accounting examines the cost structure of an organization. It does so by collecting information about the costs incurred by an organization's activities, assigning selected costs to projects and services and other cost objects, and evaluating the efficiency of cost usage. Cost accounting is mostly concerned with developing an understanding of where a company earns and loses money, and providing input into decisions to generate benefits in the future.


Save the Dates:

Constitution Revision Commission Roundtable- Wednesday October 25th, Noon

Introduction to Crucial Conversations© Webinar Wednesday November 1st , Noon

Legislative Virtual Town Hall (members invited by email)

 A School Board Members View of the Constitution Revision Commission with Commissioner Erika Donalds

Wednesday October 25th, Noon EST via Goto Webinar

Join us for a look at the proposals and process behind Florida's Constitution Revision Commission happening now!

  • Which Proposals Could Affect Districts?
  • Will the Role of School Board Members be Limited or Enhanced?
  • What Could be Happening to Grow Educational Choice or Reform?
  • Ask Your Own Questions (FCSBM Members)


About our Guest: Commissioner Erika Donalds

CRC Committee Assignments:

  • Local Government, Chair
  • Declaration of Rights
  • Education
  • Rules and Administration


Biographical Information

Occupation:     Chief Financial Officer/Chief Compliance Officer & Partner, DGHM; Vice Chair, District School Board of Collier County

Full Bio Here: https://www.flcrc.gov/Commissioners/Donalds

Elected to the Collier County School Board in 2014, Commissioner Donalds' perspective as the only sitting School Board Member to serve on the CRC will add greatly to the viewpoints of several other education thought leaders and will help webinar attendees see the process through the eyes of School Board member.

As FCSBM’s past President and past Chairman of our Legislative Task Force, Erika is the embodiment of the FCSBM motto “Relentlessly Dedicated to Student Success”. 

More than an expert in education, Mrs. Donalds’ experience in finance as a CPA will also serve her well on the CRC.

Live attendance is limited to current School Board Members and the Media (verification required). Members who are unable to attend may listen to re-play.

Register Here: Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7890797315261679106
Wednesday October 25th, Noon EST via Goto Webinar


Absolute MUST WATCH VIDEO history of Article IX (Education) of the Florida Constitution by CRC Staff-








Crucial Conversations- Introduction to Communicating for Results Webinar - Nov 1, 2017 12:00 PM EDT

Register Here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5789765834512262657

FCSBM is proud to partner with VitalSmarts to deliver the professional development gold standard in conflict communications. Crucial Conversations has been deployed by over half of the Forbes 500 with over 1.7million professionals earning the certification. 

• Do you ever hold your opinion inside and then one day, when you can’t take it any longer, speak your mind—but by then you’re so upset that it comes out all wrong? 

• Have you ever left a meeting wondering, “Why is it management only seems to listen to whoever pushes the hardest or shouts the loudest?” 

To learn how to deal with high-stakes conversations (where opinions vary and emotions run strong) using the skills of the world’s best communicators, attend our next two-day live, online, or Blended Crucial Conversations Training. 

More information about Crucial Conversations© here: https://www.vitalsmarts.com/crucial-conversations-training/

Register for the FCSBM Webinar Here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5789765834512262657

Block out your calendar for the year:

We have established regular meeting times for our professional development webinars, as well as our Member Led Round Tables. Mark your calendars for these two dates each month!

Professional Development: 1st Wednesday of each month at Noon*

Member Led Round Table: 3rd Wednesday of each month at Noon*

Legislative Virtual Town Hall* sessions will be based on the schedule of the guest legislator.

*Online video replay available 24/7 to Full members of FCSBM within 48 hours of session end


Task Forces: (1) Legislative, (2) Policy,  and (3) Fiscal Best Practices Chair sets their schedules based on the availability of members. 

Want to serve on one of the task forces? Sign up now!

Free Ethics Training – Reminder:

You have until midnight Dec 31 to complete the mandated 4 hours of ethics training, but luckily you can do it online on your schedule for FREE. Visit http://FCSBM.org/ethics_challenge. Other organizations charge $155 to view their webinar recording. If you are an FCSBM member, you can request a FREE certificate upon completion. Non-members pay $49 (P-Card accepted) for administrative costs of creating a certificate. (NOTE: The certificate was deemed unnecessary by Ethics Commission, but many members requested one.)




Members and the Media-

In this new recurring segment of our newsletter, we will highlight members in the media. This month we are proud to highlight a friend of the Coalition and two of our members in Collier County. U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos toured two district managed schools in Collier County and handed out weekend “snack backpacks” to students recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma.

Video of Secretary Devos Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIMxsBYbG3A

FCSBM Past President Erika Donalds and Policy Task Force Chair Kelly Lichter met with Secretary Devos and thanked her for her “relentless support of parents and students”.



U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos and FCSBM Past President Erika Donalds



U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos and FCSBM Policy Task Force Chair Kelly Lichter