May1 2017 Legislative Update


Standing Room Only in Knott 412- Florida Senate Appropriations Committee - May 1, 2017

 Legislative Update:  May 1, 2017

Activities Today in Senate Appropriations CommitteeMeeting Packet: Meeting Video

SB1362  Baxley- Charter schools- passed Senate Appropriations Committee with interesting language around Title I in Amendment. (Stargel). None of Sen Montford’s Amendments were adopted.

SB902 Gardiner Scholarship Expansion passed 17-0

SB1314 Grimsley- Education Options – Step up Scholarships et al. Passed 13-4

SB1598 Brandes- Schools of Excellence NOT HEARD

SB1710 Stargel- “American Founders’ Month”, Reading Readiness, civics education. NOT HEARD

FCSBM Top Priorities Status:

Testing Reform- HB549 (Fine) passed House Last Friday- HB773 (Diaz) up for final passage in Florida House tomorrow 5/2/17 SB926 (Flores) in Rules not yet on Special order. Both 773 and 926 have become trains.  773/926 both contain Visitation of Schools by School Board Member

Religious Liberty – Passed both chambers (with Governor Scott) SB4436

Charter Capital Outlay- SB376 in conference – language may appear in another bill

Meeting Between Two Board Members (Sunshine)- HB843 up on House Floor for final passage tomorrow 5/2/17 - Senate uncertain

Instructional Materials Adoption- HB989 Instructional Materials Adoption- Passed House- Senate SB1210 on Second Reading 5/2/17 should appear for final passage on Senate Floor 5/3/17