FCSBM President Ziegler Statement on Hope Scholarship

October 12, 2017- For Immediate Release Download PDF here

October 12, 2017- For Immediate Release

Statement by FCSBM President Bridget Ziegler on the Hope Scholarship

Tallahassee, Florida

We applaud Speaker Corcoran and Representative Donalds for their leadership demonstrated by the announcement of the Hope Scholarship Program, which offers a solution to improve the lives of so many students and families who have had to endure these unfortunate circumstances.

We are pleased to see this important legislation allowing families to move students who suffer physical or emotional harm due to an incident of: battery; bullying; physical attack; sexual offenses; or threat of intimidation to a safe and supporting learning environment where that they can live up to their God-given potential and earn a world-class education

One of FCSBM’s core values is parental empowerment through educational choice, which is at the heart of the proposed legislation. The Hope Scholarship strives to meet the needs of the student by providing options to ensure that victimized student can be free from further violence or abuse. 

It is hoped this will help the approximately 66,700 students who reported feeling unsafe in their schools last year and we look forward to sharing our support and feedback with our partners in the Florida House and Senate to make this policy as beneficial as possible for Florida’s students.


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