Board of Directors

2018 Board of Directors:

President - Bridget Zeigler (Sarasota)

Past President- Erika Donalds (Collier)

Vice President- Rebecca Negron (Martin) 

Director- Nancy Stacy (Marion)

Director- Tina Descovich (Brevard)

2018 Task Force Chairs: 

Legislative Task Force Chairman: Matthew Susin (Brevard)

Fiscal Best Practices Task Force Chairman: Eric Robinson (Sarasota)

Policy Task Force Chairman: Kelly Lichter (Collier)

Board and Task Force members are uncompensated volunteers who are elected and serve in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policy and Procedures Manual.

Questions or Media Requests:  via email 



2017 Board of Directors:

President- Shawn Frost (Indian River)

Past President- Erika Donalds (Collier)

Vice President - Bridget Zeigler (Sarasota)

Director- Rebecca Negron (Martin) 

Director- Nancy Stacy (Marion)

Director- Tina Descovich (Brevard)



2016 Board of Directors:

President- Erika Donalds (Collier)

Past President- Jeff Bergosh (Escambia)

Vice President - Bridget Zeigler (Sarasota)

Director- Shawn Frost (Indian River)

Director- Jason Fischer (Duval)

Director- Rebecca Negron (Martin) 


Founding 2015 Board of Directors:

Past President- Jeff Bergosh (Escambia)

Vice President - Shawn Frost (Indian River)

Treasurer- Erika Donalds (Collier)

Director-  Bridget Zeigler (Sarasota)


Founding Members:

Jason Fischer (Duval)

Shawn Frost (Indian River)

Jeff Bergosh (Escambia)

Bridget Zeigler (Sarasota)

Erika Donalds (Collier)

Rebecca Negron (Martin)