2018 Initial Legislative Platform Adopted 10-18-17


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President             Bridget Ziegler, Sarasota County              Past President   Erika Donalds, Collier County

Directors:  Rebecca Negron, Martin County, Tina Descovich, Brevard County, Nancy Stacy, Marion County

Who We Are: The Florida Coalition of School Board Members is a non-partisan individual membership organization for elected school board members. We came into existence for a number of reasons, but primarily to play a more active role in delivering a world-class education for Florida’s children, while being conscientious stewards of taxpayer resources.

We accomplish this through relevant and cost-effective School Board Member professional development, sharing best practices, and productive relationships with grassroots organizations and lawmakers.

Legislative Issues for 2018


1. CORE VALUE: Fiscal Responsibility

a. Funding for professional development for School Board Members regarding Best Financial Management Practices for School Districts (OPPAGA, June 2002).

b. Tax Referenda - Requires local government discretionary sales surtax referenda to be held on date of a primary or general election & requires specified percentage of votes for passage. SB 272 (Brandes) HB317 (Ingoglia)

c. Require districts to conduct the OPPAGA Self-Assessment for Best Financial Management Practices for School Districts, vote to accept the results in a public meeting, and post the completed Self-Assessment on the district’s web site. (HB 175- Daniels)

2. CORE VALUE: Parental Choice

a. Continued expansion of parental choice options:
      i. Study transportation options to support universal public school choice.
     ii. Require notification to families about choice options, including virtual school and transportation scholarship

b. Protect Open Enrollment: (moderate)
    i. Make certain that students exercising choice are secured a spot through the highest grade available at their choice school (as         in current statute).
    ii. Define a statewide open enrollment period.
   iii. Require districts to post definition of capacity and enrollment for each school each semester and before the open enrollment period.

3. CORE VALUE: Reasonableness in Assessments and Accountability

a. Paper & pencil testing for all districts and charters through 8th grade

b. Provide for the district-wide use of concordance scores for ACT / SAT to meet high school graduation requirements (with state funding).

4. CORE VALUE: Local Control

a. Clearly delineate that individual School Board Members may add items to the school board meeting agenda without permission from the Superintendent, School Board Chair, or board majority.

b. Make School Board Administrative Assistant one of the positions that is hired by and reports directly to the school board (joining Internal Auditor, Superintendent- where appointed, and Board Attorney). Forming of an “School Board Unit” that has an independent budget to include board travel and membership organization dues oversight.

c. Meetings- Allow two members of a board to meet independently for fact finding purposes or excursions.
(SB192 Baxley and HB 79 Roth)

5. CORE VALUE: Solution-Oriented Partnerships

a. Hope Scholarships

b. Such as leadership of the Legislature and FCSBM deems fit.