2016 Bills FCSBM is supporting

FCSBM is supporting the following initiatives and bills: Click here for PDF to hand out



1.       Membership Association Accountability & Choice HB 1155 / SB 1426 (Stargel / Gaetz)

 2.       Teacher Quality: “Best and Brightest” - attracting and retaining high potential educators HB7043 (Fresen) / SB978 (Legg) / SB524 (Gaetz) / SB894 (Detert)

 3.       Universal Public School Choice: Parental and Student Control

HB 669 (Sprowls) / SB 886 (Benacquisto)

 4.       Testing Flexibility: Local Control

SB 1360 (Gaetz) – SUPPORT secondary (grades 9-12) portions such as using ACT/SAT, AP, SAT subject, CAPE, AICE, CLEP, DSST. Neutral on grade 3-8 portion.

 5.       Local Curriculum Control Fixes 

HB 899 (Pilon) / SB 1018 (Hays)

 6.       Career and Adult Education

SB1060 (Legg) / HB7017 (Raburn) / HB1343 (Adkins)

 7.       Charter Schools / School Choice

CS/HB 7029 (Cortes) / SB 830 (Stargel) 


PASSED!- Signed into Statute 1-21-2016: SB672- Personal Learning Savings Accounts (Gardiner Scholarships), Transitions for Uniquely Abled, Uniform Incentives- FCSBM provided testimony for this in 2015 and 2016 session. We were excited to see this important legislation pass so quickly and with so much support in the 2016 session. 


We have provided and/or will provide testimony in support of these initatives. 

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