Core Values

These are the values the FCSBM holds most dear:

Fiscally Responsible
FCSBM  prioritizes the interests of students, parents, and taxpayers and pursues common-sense school finance reform to eliminate wasteful spending and advocate for a larger share of education expenditures to be directed into the classroom.

Champion for Parents’ Rights
FCSBM works to empower parents to make informed decisions about where their children will attend schools, and strongly supports the expansion of school choice initiatives, including Florida tax credit scholarships, McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities, schools of choice, and education savings accounts.

Student & Community Focused
FCSBM affirms the importance of local control by accountable elected school board members in service to parents, students and taxpayers. We will work to reduce the ever increasing, unconstitutional federal interventions in local educational policy (including national, one-size-fits-all curriculum, school lunch mandates, special education requirements, federal involvement in school discipline, etc.)

Balance of Accountability & Reasonableness in Assessments
FCSBM believes in local control of education decisions with reasonable state oversight and accountability. Assessments should be evidence-based, occasional, and beneficial to students, not used to punish them. Accountability encourages excellence, but should not be so high stakes as to encourage "teaching to the test". Classroom learning time must be regarded as precious, and the time and resources sacrificed for testing must be carefully and transparently considered. 

Making Solution-Oriented Partnerships
FCSBM will partner with and work alongside of local and statewide grassroots groups, to be the bridge for constituents to have better accessibility to policymakers. FCSBM will provide a network of school board members across the state to share best practices and work alongside legislators to improve Florida’s education system.

Questions or Media Requests: Shawn Frost (850) 391-0421 or via email